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Ranger Releases (November 2023)

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The weather is getting cooler (Finally!) but that doesn't stop the mead from flowing. Check out the Meads releasing this Month:

Friday, November 3rd:

Kara-Tur - Caramel Oolong Semi-Sweet

Creamy Caramel Oolong tea from our friends at Ribbons Tea House blends with a Mesquite honey base for an alluring flavor you can’t resist.


Friday, November 10th:

Deck of Many Peppers - Spicy Sweet

Try this year’s blend of 13 peppers and sweet wildflower honey and see what powers it may hold.


Friday, November 17th:

The Laughing Dwarf - Bourbon Barrel Aged Sweet

Our sweet traditional mead aged for 9 months in a Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen bourbon barrel that was also used to age OHSO’s Bananarchy Imperial Stout for a full year!


Friday, November 24th: Black Friday - Open 10 am - 8 pm

Taunt You a 2nd Time - Elderberry with Mulling Spices Semi-Sweet

Mulling spices add some extra zest to the semi-sweet elderberries for a flavor that will taunt your tastebuds. Tastes great served warmed!

Butterbrew - Butterscotch Cream Soda Sweet

 Come grab a glass of warmed wizarding goodness, available with whipped cream for an extra treat. You know this one goes quickly so don't wait too long to stop in!




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