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Scale & Feather Meadery Owners

Mead, Friends,  Adventure!

The three pillars of
Scale & Feather

Scale & Feather Meadery is owned and operated by its three owners, Tamara Chaney, Ben Chaney, and Amber DeGiso.

It takes more than delicious mead to make a meadery experience quite like Scale & Feather (though it certainly helps!) and these three adventurers have combined their unique skills and experiences to make

Scale & Feather what it is today. 

Meet The Adventuring Party

Tamara the Rogue, Scale & Feather Meadery, Dagger

Tamara the
Executive Rogue

Has a knack for finding the solution to just about
any problem, demonstrating a resourcefulness and
versatility that is the cornerstone of this successful
adventuring party.

STR: 10  DEX: 14  CON: 9

INT: 15  WIS: 12  CHA: 12

Ben the Ranger, Scale & Feather Meadery, Axe

Ben the
Mead Ranger

His fierce independence makes him  well suited
to adventuring, since he is accustomed to life far
from the comforts of a dry bed and a hot bath.

STR: 12  DEX: 13  CON: 13

INT: 10  WIS: 15  CHA: 10

Amber the Bard, Scale & Feather Meadery, Lyre

Amber the
Bardic Designer

Whether scholar, skald, or scoundrel, this bard weaves
magic through art and words to inspire allies,
demoralize foes, manipulate minds, create
illusions, and even heal wounds.

STR: 11  DEX: 12  CON: 10

INT: 12  WIS: 13  CHA: 15

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