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Ranger Releases (December 2023)

Only one month left in the year and we like to finish the year strong with meads that are sure to keep you warm for the holidays! Check out the Meads releasing this Month:

Friday, 12/1:

Myth Reindeer - Chocolate Peppermint Sweet

Sightings of this legendary beast, half reindeer and half wizard, are rare but legend tells of his epic winter encounters. When Santa and his elves despaired of how they might deliver all the world’s presents in just one night, Myth-Reindeer famously instructed, “Fly you fools!”

You shall not pass...up this chocolate peppermint flavor!

Available chilled or warm!


Friday, 12/8:

Elder Dragon: Just a Flesh Wound - Elderberry with 7 Pot Peppers Semi-Sweet


The semi-sweet, slightly tart elderberry taste you love battles with the spice of 7-Pot Peppers for a flavor kick that is more than merely a scratch! The heat will have you saying, “None shall pass...this one up!”


Friday, 12/15:

Dancing Lights - Apple Pie Spices Sweet

This returning favorite will delight as apple pie spices dance on your tastebuds for a sweet taste you can enjoy, no matter the season.

Try it warm!


Sunday, 12/17:

2023 Q4 Fellowship Member Releases - Maple Oak Sweet & Cranberry Red Currant Peppermint Semi-Sweet

**Available exclusively for Fellowship Members at this time.**

2023 Q3 Fellowship Public Releases - White Chocolate Caramel Lavender Sweet & Roasted Garlic Semi-Sweet

Not part of our Fellowship? Try one of these limited time flavors from last quarter's membership exclusives while they last!


Friday, 12/22:

Elder Dragon: Not Dead Yet - Barrel Aged Elderberry with Mulling Spices Semi-Sweet 

A drink that's 'getting better' with age! Elderberry and Mulling Spices in an oak barrel previously held our two grape pyments. It's not fooling anyone, this flavor combination is so good it 'won't be long' before it's gone!




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