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Fellowship Quarter 4 Flavors Announced!

Fellowship Members!

We've counted your votes and the two flavors that will be made this quarter are:

  • Lingonberry | Mesquite Honey

  • Fig & Cinnamon | Buckwheat Honey

With the flavors determined by the Fellowship Members, this is where the Adventuring Party of Scale & Feather must start these two batches to be released at the end of the quarter!

The Mead Release Gathering for Quarter 4 is scheduled for Sunday, December 19th.

  • This is when members receive a bottle of each flavor made for the quarter, a 2oz pour of each flavor, and get to discuss mead with fellow members and the Scale & Feather Adventuring Party like the Ranger, Rogue and Bard.

  • If you are unable to attend on the specific date, you can pick up your two bottles and have the 2oz pours any time after that date during our regular business hours.

Last day of Quarter 4 Sign Up is Friday, December 17th if there are any membership slots still open by that time.

Fellowship membership is $50 for the quarter.

Spots are limited, so if you'd like to be part of the 4th Quarter Fellowship, sign up via our form here.

Email us at with any questions you have!



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