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Fellowship 4th Quarter Break Down

So how does the Membership in the Fellowship work?

We get this question fairly often and wanted to break down what members get and what occurs during the course of a Fellowship Quarter.


How long is the Quarter?

The Quarters closely follow Traditional Fiscal Year Quarters:

  • Quarter 1 (Q1) - January 1 through March 31

  • Quarter 2 (Q2) - April 1 through June 30

  • Quarter 3 (Q3) - July 1 through September 30

  • Quarter 4 (Q4) - October 1 through December 31 <-- Current Active Quarter for Sign Up

You can sign up for the Active Quarter any time after it's been announced open. But the earlier you join, the more you get to participate in.

Fellowship membership is $50 for the quarter. Membership slots are limited, so if you'd like to be part of the 4th Quarter Fellowship, sign up via our form here before they are all gone!


Fellowship 4th Quarter Schedule:

  • Saturday, October 9th : Review of Flavor Suggestions

    • Flavor Suggestions from Members are reviewed and four are selected by the owners of Scale & Feather to move on to the voting phase

      • Sign up by Friday, October 8th to submit flavor suggestions for consideration this quarter

  • Tuesday, October 12th: Flavors to be Voted on are Announced

    • The four flavors that will be voted on will be announced via email, social media, and on our website

  • Saturday, October 16th : Voting for your Favorite Flavor(s)

    • Vote on the Flavor(s) you'd like to see made from the four selected either by coming into the Meadery to sample the honey & ingredient combinations or via email if you are unable to make it in person. The two with the highest number of votes will be made.

      • Sign up by Friday, October 15th to participate in voting for what flavors will be made this quarter

  • Mid-October - November : Mead Making is in Progress

    • During this time is when the two flavors are selected are made and monitored to ensure they come out ready for release and as delicious as possible. (And if you catch the Ranger working during this time, he might let members sample and ask for feedback)

      • Last day of Quarter 4 Sign Up is Friday, December 17th if there are any membership slots still open by that time.

  • Sunday, December 19th: The Fellowship of the Mead Release Gathering

    • This is when members can pick up a bottle of each flavor made for the quarter, receive a 2oz pour of each flavor, and get to discuss mead with fellow members and the Scale & Feather Adventuring Party like the Ranger, Rogue and Bard. If you are unable to attend on the specific date, you can pick up your two bottles and have the 2oz pours any time after that date during our regular business hours.

Fellowship membership is $50 for the quarter.

Spots are limited, so if you'd like to be part of the 4th Quarter Fellowship, sign up via our form here.

Email us at with any questions you have!



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