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Celebrating Our 2 Year Anniversary May 22nd

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

What do we have going on this weekend for our 2 Year Anniversary?

The short takeaway is: Iymrith - Blue Dragon releases Saturday, Anniversary T-Shirt Pre-Orders end Sunday, a Treasure Giveaway, and the D20 Roll Promo!

Iymrith - Blue Dragon Releases May 22nd

When we celebrated our Grand Opening in 2019 we made our first Dragon Mead, 'Alduin - Black Dragon', made with smoked honey and black currant. In 2020 for our 1 year anniversary we made 'Brimstone - Red Dragon', smoked honey, hibiscus, and habanero. This year, we made 'Iymrith - Blue Dragon', a huckleberry mead with szechuan peppercorn. If you're not familiar with Szechuan peppercorn, it produces a tingling, numbing effect that we had to use to make this lightning inspired mead.


Anniversary Iymrith T-Shirt Pre-Orders End May 23rd

If you want to get your hands on our limited-run Blue Dragon Shirt, you must pre-order it by Sunday May 23rd.

NOTE: All Shirt Orders will need to be picked up in person at our tasting room in Avondale, AZ once they arrive (estimated early June)

How do I Order?

To get one of these awesome shirts, you must fill out the pre-order form. This can be done while in our tasting room -or- from the Pre-Order Form Link below:


Treasure Giveaway

As part of our 2 year Anniversary our Blue Dragon, Iymrith, is giving away some of her treasures in a Giveaway contest this Weekend May 22nd - May 23rd!

How do I enter to win treasure?

- Must be 21 or Older to qualify

- No Purchase necessary to enter

- Come into the tasting room to receive one ticket per person on Saturday May 22nd and/or Sunday May 23rd

- Write your name & email on the ticket and select one of the six giveaway treasures you'd like to win

- Name and email will only be used to be contacted if you win

Treasures available May22nd - May23rd

- Maiden & Dragon Tap Handle and 3 Dragon Egg Soaps in a Chest

- 1 S&F Dice Tray and Dice Set

- Set of two 16 oz S&F Glasses and two S&F Wooden Coasters

- D&D Stranger Things box set and Critical Hit Dice Cookie Cutter Set

- S&F Iymrith - Blue Dragon Shirt & Curse of Strahd Hardcover Adventure Path

- D20 Convertible Wallet of Holding and Black Leather Bag of Holding

Winners will be announced the following Tuesday!


D20 Roll Promo

Just like during the winter holidays, we're running our D20 Roll Special this weekend on both Saturday May 22nd - Sunday May 23rd

Come into the tasting room and spend $25 or more & roll a d20 for a prize

Limit one roll per purchase.

20: Bottle of Your Choice!

19: Candle or Beard Oil

17-18: Bar of Soap

15-16: 16 oz Tasting Glass

13-14: 5 oz Tasting Glass

11-12: Ceramic Magnet

9-10: Iymrith 2021 Sticker

7-8: D20 Dice Set

5-6: S&F Button or Square Magnet

2-4: Logo Sticker

1: Mini Coaster


Phew, that's a lot to go over! But we wanted to make sure that there was something for everyone when celebrating this year. Thank you to all who've been there since the beginning, or found us along the way. Without your support, we wouldn't be here celebrating 2 years of mead making and adventuring. Here's to all of you and here's to another year full of mead, friends, and adventure!

- The Ranger, Rogue, Wizard, & Bard

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