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Ranger Releases (October 2023)

It's spooky season and we have some terrific meads perfect for any tricking or treating happening! Check out the Meads releasing this Month:

Tuesday, October 3rd:

Glorious Pearpose - Glittery Caramelized Pear

Even the most mischievous trickster can't resist this delicious caramelized pear and honey combination, burdened with glorious pearpose. Which of Loki's glittery variants will you get?


Saturday, October 7th: Mead Day!

Djinn of Shadows - Gin Barrel Aged Blackberry

Aged in an Adventurous Stills gin barrel, our Dark Maiden blackberry is given phenomenal cosmic power packed into an itty bitty bottle.


Sunday, September 10th:

Fellowship Meadowfoam TraditionalFellowship Pineapple, Apricot, & Basil

Have you been eyeing those Fellowship exclusives for the last few months? Well, here's your chance to try these two limited run flavors as they are released to the public! There's just a few cases of each left so don't wait too long to come try them.


Friday, October 13th:

Mind Flayer - Absinthe-inspired Mead

Do you dare to face the Mind Flayer, a flavor inspired by the green fairy of the French? This historic concoction of anise, wormwood, fennel, and alfalfa is blended with Mesquite Blossom honey for a unique taste not for the faint of heart! Best served chilled.


Friday, October 20th:

Charm Person - Roasted Peanut and Chocolate

Candy bar flavors of chocolate and peanuts enchant the senses and cast a spell over your tastebuds. Let the sweetness lure you into enjoying another glass!


Friday, October 27th:

Pathfinder Unchained - Bourbon Barrel Aged Dry Mesquite Blossom

Labyrinth of Madness - Bourbon Barrel Aged Sweet Wildflower

 Limited return of these two traditional meads aged in Blanton's Bourbon barrels that also aged OHSO's Bananarchy. We pulled these out of the cellar and they won't last long!




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